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In 2016, DeGiulio Brothers Flooring, LLC was formed by Michael and Joseph DeGiulio.  At the time, Mike had been working in the flooring industry for 15 years, acquiring skills that led to a broad knowledge of the industry as well as a reputation of quality craftsmanship.  Joe, likewise, had been building a career as the owner/operator of DeGiulio Homes Inc., a construction and real estate business.  Mike decided it was time to step up to the challenge of business ownership and proposed the idea to Joe to form their own commercial and residential flooring installation business.  

During the first few years, through long hours and hard work, their reputation in the flooring industry grew as well as their customer base.  They were able to begin hiring an installation crew including their brother, James DeGiulio, who shared in the business vision of the DeGiulio Brothers Flooring Brand.  In 2018, Joe purchased 661 State Highway 29 in Broadalbin, New York at the county auction.  It had remained vacant for a few years after being a local landmark, Mary Ann’s Restaurant.  With Joe’s sales and design experience in the real estate field, he presented the idea to expand the business to include a flooring showroom.  The company was growing, and it was time to use their knowledge of products and expertise in installation practices to give customers a full service experience.  After two long years of building renovations, the showroom opened in September, 2020.  DeGiulio Brothers Flooring takes pride in their quality of work and service to their customers.